Why 58% of your Recruiters are Underperforming And how to change that today!

  By Jon Bartos  |    Friday October 26, 2019

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If over 50% of your recruiting team is missing their numbers, you’re not alone.  According to Salesforce.com’s 3rd edition of the State of Sales Report, 58% of sales and recruiting  professionals will miss their numbers in the US this year. 

What is worse is that 57% already expect to miss their numbers and only a mere 16% of sales and recruiting professionals expect to be over quota - the report goes on to say.   https://www.salesforce.com/form/conf/state-of-sales-3rd-edition/


If you are like most recruiting organizations, this is just too costly. Your company misses out on millions of dollars in revenue and profit which stops organizations from achieving objectives, derails plans for new product introductions, expansions and halts growth globally in its tracks.   So how do we reverse this ugly trend?   


“You don’t build a world class, high performing sales team.  You HIRE them!”   Jon Bartos


The only time I can remember a team of average players beat a far superior team by great management was in 1980.  That is when the US amateur hockey team beat a Russian Professional Hockey team in the Olympics.  But let’s not forget - it’s referred to in the history books as THE MIRACLE ON ICE!   There is not too many Recruiting leaders that have management miracles like that up their sleeve.  But there is a solution to the problem.  Better hiring and ongoing management! 


“Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought”  Sun Tzu


Your recruiting team’s success is mostly the end result of your hiring, training and managing program. 




If you hire “A” players, the top 10% performers that were successful year after year doing something similar, chances are good that you will have a team of top over quota performers.  The further away from that model you stray, the greater risk you have of having below quota performers.  It really is that simple. 




Training is an important role in how quickly your “A” hires that you hire will come up to speed.   There are many great training programs available for newbies and tenured search professionals in the market.  Reach out to us for a list of these programs if you need help getting your team up to speed.


Managing and On-Going Improvement:


This is the big one.  Most owners and Recruiting Mangers initially train their people and then manage based on activity – or not manage at all.  Activity is important, it determines if there is enough “Critical Mass” of activity to be successful. Without it there will be no success.   However, aside from volume, it does not help your team members to continue to get better and better every day to help them reach their potential in this incredible game we play in.


Using Metrics and a Recruiting Management tool is mission critical to your long term and short term success as an individual and company.   A good performance analytics – management tool provides insight as to Activities, Results and Skillsets.   After critical mass is achieved,  all focus should be on improving skillsets.  These include Marketing Skills, Recruiting Skills, Articulating a Value Proposition, Matching Skills, Quality of Job Orders, etc. 


RPM Dashboard:


For over 1- years, The SalesRx, RPM Dashboard has been the leading performance tool in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry – worldwide - to measure, identify shortcoming and give training and development to all the above skillsets. It has helped newbies come up to speed in record time as well as helped tenured billers to make small tweaks in order to see big increases in revenue almost overnight.  For a free test drive on SalesRx, RPM Dashboard www.rpm-usa.com  or a free white paper on “How to Hire High Performing Teams” – reach out to me at jon@rpm-usa.com.   

By implementing these strategies 80% of your people will be overachieving their objectives versus 58% not.  


Jon has been coaching Recruiting Teams all over the world to achieve their potential since 2004.  He has taken over 400 firms from contingent to retained and can do the same for you.  To get a hold of Jon for coaching, Alpine Double Black Lead Generation, Recruiting Analytics or a TalentRx franchise, please email him at 



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