Why Recruiters & Staffing Agencies need a mobile app for their business!

  By Anonymous  |    Wednesday April 14, 2016

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The Pew Internet Project reports that as of last year, 90 percent of American adults have a mobile device. They use these devices to check email, texts, voice messages, get directions, search information, view websites, and more. 

Mobile Apps Are The Next Level Of Tools For Recruiting.

We have been through waves of changes in our industry including job boards, tracking systems, video interviewing, social recruiting, sourcing, and more. Now mobile apps will help you get there faster and more efficiently than ever before. Your candidates will be able to search active open jobs, instantly find out the newest listings on the go, find career resources, upload their resume, connect to your social media platforms, and contact you quickly.

Reasons why a mobile app is a recruiter “must:”

The palm of your client’s hands

A mobile app will give your candidates & clients the easiest access to hot jobs & talented candidates.  This means they are just a step closer to your services because they have the opportunity in the palm of their hands! 

Your app users will be so close to daily job listings, updates, videos, email, phone, and directions at a touch of a button with their index finger.  Talk about convenient!

Push notifications

Your candidates & clients are busy.  They don’t have time to get their busy schedule into their 24 hour day.  Enter the glorious push notification!  You want to pump the info you have about newly updates job listings, updated blog posts & newsletters, open appointments, etc.…  right to their phone.  

Don’ let them forget you or flounder for info.  Push notifications will help them stay on track and you’ll be able to keep them more engaged in the process.  Candidates need the info pushed to them!

Constantly available

No one is very far from their cellphone.  You’ll find that a mobile app will be the quickest way you can give your clients & candidates the info you want them to have.  

Phones are literally stuck to the hip of your candidates & clients.  A mobile app will ensure they stay involved with you!

 Stand out!

A mobile app is cutting edge in our industry.  Every recruiter & staffing agency should have one but they don’t.  

Please be sure that you aren’t that recruiter.  Be different, stand out and fill more positions because you have the latest and greatest mobile app for your business.

Mobile apps are everywhere! Why shouldn’t YOU tap into this excellent way to communicate with candidates and clients?  

Get a mobile app and be sure that you educate your clients on how to use it so that they will be in better communication with you.  Visit: http://www.MayTheAppBeWithYou.com

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