Your Journey to Success...& then to Significance

  By Jon Bartos  |    Tuesday June 27, 2018

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And why its so Important you embark on that Journey Today!

2018 is going to prove to be a banner year for many of us.  Yes the economy is picking up and the unemployment for most major groups are at record lows.  Individuals and companies are starting to spend money and recruiting bank accounts are getting bigger and bigger. But that is not the reason I am so bullish on 2018 and 2019.  The reason I am excited about the next 18-24 months is same reason you should be to.

The secret formula to success is not a matter of the economy, up or down, robust or recession – or any other ancillary topic. The secret is actually quite simple. It’s knowingwhat to do in that environment – then wanting, being able and willing to do it. The key should be focused on the “willing to do” part of the equation. The stronger that “willing to do”, the more success one has. Unfortunately, most role failures in life happen not because one doesn’t know what to do. It’s because we just plain don’t do it. Period.

This post is focused on the few, the proud, the ones who are “WILLING TO DO” whatever needs to be done – to achieve their desired level of success. You are the ones who can do anything in this world you put your mind too. You are the ones that make the changes that are direly needed in this world. I welcome you and I salute you.


My goal is to help you achieve your desired level of success in your career as fast as possible – so you can make a significant impact on the world – in whatever area you choose to do. Like Robert Frost said in his famous Poem The Road Not Taken – “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I , I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

For those who are “Willing to DO”, your potential is infinitely great at what you can accomplish. You can change the world. So, in order to reach close to our potential, we need to take the road less traveled – to make all the difference.

Bob Buford said, “Success means using your knowledge and experience to satisfy yourself. Significance means using your knowledge and experience to change the lives of others.” 


How can I become significant in this world and why now?  


The bottom line is the world needs you.   We have lots of problems in the world that need to be focused on.   From the Opiod crisis to the Homeless to Child Hunger.  And as you already know the list does not stop there.  Whatever you are passionate about in your country, state, town or street - is what could be the potential for you could be personally get involved in to help resolve it and thus take a step in the right direction to making the world a better place. When you can experience success earlier in your career both professionally and financially, it gives you the unique ability to have the time and resources to influence others.


Spend a few days and think about the significance you would like to have on this world. By having a better idea of what you would like to help accomplish from a larger perspective, gives you a much reason “WHY” you need to get there. And quickly! It will be like a shot of adrenaline continuously helping you with the leverage to overcome any adversity you come across.

As a gift from me to you, to receive a free eWorkbook – “The 10 Steps to Achieving your Life Dreams” based on the recent research from Gary Latham from the University of Toronto and Edwin Locke from the University of Maryland on their 35 year study on Goal Setting Theory. Click on the link – and we will send you the ebook and our newsletter once per month.

You will achieve incredible things quickly as you focus on what you are the most passionate about.  In closing,  thanks for joining me and I am humbled at joining you in any way I can on your journey from success to significance!


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