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Clay Abbott is the President and Founder of the Academy of HealthCare Recruiters, Inc. Clay is one of the HealthCare Recruiting industry’s leading recruiters, trainers, public speakers, and consultants. He has 20 years of healthcare experience and has successfully developed the only guaranteed Home Study HealthCare Recruiter Training program in the industry. And many solo recruiters’ and recruiting managers are finding the cross over into healthcare possible with Clay’s leadership and knowledge. To learn more about his training products and services, visit his web site at: www.academyofhealthcarerecruiters.com. Phone: (812) 522-2992 E-Mail: clay@academyofhealthcarerecruiters.com


How to Build SUPER Producers from Scratch

  By Clay Abbott  |    Wed Jun 27, 2012

Category: Recruiting

Not long ago, I was speaking to a General Manager of a recruiting firm about our services. He said to me, “Clay, if you put enough Chimpanzees in front of a typewriter, eventually one will type a paragraph from Shakespeare!” His analogy about recruiters being placed at a desk was...

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