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Making the Right Choice, Job Choice That Is!

  By Frank Burnett  |    Tue Apr 26, 2022

Category: Columns, Education, Expert Advice

EMInfo Reader: The Department of Labor is reporting job switching at near record rates as members of the workforce have been trying to capitalize on economic momentum that is seeing U.S. employers add a record number of new jobs. I’m finding more and more candidates asking what factors they should...

The Future of the American Workplace: Changes and Challenges Part 2

  By Frank Burnett  |    Tue Nov 30, 2021

Category: Education, Expert Advice, Productivity

In my last installment of the Career Mechanic (September 2021), the focus was on how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the American workplace and work structure to the point that employees returning from remote work situations or extending on in a virtual relationship will be forced to make personal adjustments...

Employee Assistance Programs: Now More Than Ever

  By Frank Burnett  |    Mon Oct 26, 2020

Category: Education, Expert Advice

The “new normal” generated this year by the coronavirus pandemic has delivered a poignant message to employers----employee assistance programs (EAPs) that focus on worker wellbeing are needed now more than ever. EAPS are not new to the American workplace as their origins can be traced to as early as the...

Helping Candidates Understand Their Personal Career Development: A Primer for Staffing Professionals (Part 2)

  By Frank Burnett  |    Tue Jun 26, 2012

Category: Certification, Education

How can staffing professionals assist candidates realize their full career potential? In Part 1 (January), my emphasis was on your understanding of the career development process as it applies to people across the life span. In this second part, I will address some specific ways the staffing professional can play...

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