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Shailendra has been recruiting for about 10 years now. He works for a defense contractor in Michigan and specializes in technical talent acquisition in the domestic and global markets. He recruits candidates for projects with the Army, Air Force and other Defense Agencies. Shailendra Jaisingha, Information Gateways, Inc. Bingham Farms, MI - Centreville, VA - Dayton, OH


Army Recruiters - Providing Strength for America's Army!

  By Shailendra Jaisingha  |    Tue Jun 16, 2009

Category: Recruiting

Standing tall in their crisp uniforms with impeccable mannerism; it’s impossible not to notice Army Recruiters at any college career fair that you and I have ever attended. Aggressive, agile and proactive; these recruiters do an extraordinary job year after year of recruiting soldiers in astounding numbers for the US...

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