By Barb Bruno, Michael Neidle  |    Tuesday August 25, 2020

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Viewing your presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites is often your unofficial first impression.  Does your social media presence help or hinder your ability to attract the best clients, candidates, and employees for your firm.

To answer that question, conduct a simple Google search on your name and review the results. Then review any other sites where you have a presence. Those could include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and blog sites to name a few of the most common sites.  

According to a July 2020, article by Small Business News, “90% of prospective clients review your social media reputation and presence, before doing business with you.

It has become a normal process for hiring authorities to review your social media presence, often before they schedule an interview.  


They review your online presence for the following reasons:

•Information online reveals many facts about you not included on your website.

•It is simple to review your professional, as well as social personality.

•Pictures are worth a thousand words.

•Learn about the people in your network.

•Review your past work history.

•Your posts and pictures often provide insight into who you are.  

•Many red flags can be uncovered on your profile.


Think of how social media has impacted the Staffing and Recruiting Profession.

According to The Manifest 2020 Recruitment Survey – 98% of HR Professionals perform background research about potential new hires.  90% of employers find social media important when they evaluate candidates and 79% of HR Professionals have denied a job to a candidate due to inappropriate content on social media.

I have had potential candidates state, “I think it’s important that a future employer knows where I stand on issues.”  I do agree that it’s important that the culture and values of a company align with yours, but I’m sure there will be individuals in any company who do not share your exact views on politics, religion, or other sensitive topics.  One of those people could be the hiring manager who could screen you out because of the strong views posted.

If utilized properly, social media can help potential clients, hiring authorities, and candidates find you.  The following steps will improve your social media presence.


STEP # 1 - Buy Your Domain Name (Personal Name as well as Company)

Your first step is to identify a domain registrar (like GoDaddy.com) and purchase some variation of your name.  If you have a common name you may need to become more creative or include your middle name or initial.  

STEP #2 - Research Keywords for Your Profession | Industry

Identify the keywords or keyword phrases that prospective clients or candidates in your profession or niche use to search for Staffing and Recruiting resources.  

STEP #3 - Publish Relevant Keyword-Rich Content

Once you have identified keywords and keyword phrases most relevant to your business, the next step is publishing content on social media sites that use those keywords and keyword phrases.

STEP #4 - Write Relevant Articles for Other Sites

This article is a perfect example of this piece of advice.  I’m writing this article for Employment Marketplace but will then also share it in my LinkedIn Feed.  From an SEO standpoint, search engines welcome high-quality content that adds value, especially when other sites link to it.  

STEP #5 - Provide Free Advice

You will position yourself as an expert in your field if you provide free advice that would normally cost someone money to obtain.  When prospective clients or candidates benefit by your advice, they would be likely to recommend you or determine how they could benefit you in return.

STEP # 6 - Post an Innovative Alternative to a Best Practice in Your Profession

When you get people to consider an alternative solution to a common best practice you show your creativity and the ability to innovate.  These are both highly desirable traits and will draw positive attention from your prospects and candidates.

STEP #7 - Comment on an Industry Relevant Blog

Identify the movers and shakers in your industry or profession and comment on their blogs.  Again, this sets you up as an expert.  Look for blogs with an active following.

STEP #8 - Share Posts Written by Leaders in Your Profession/Industry

A simple way to increase your visibility online is to share relevant posts written by leaders in your profession or industry.  This shows your connections that you understand the type of content they would benefit from, again setting yourself apart from others.

STEP #9 - Follow the Movers and Shakers in Your Profession

Identify and follow the movers and shakers in your profession.  Read their sites and comment when appropriate.

STEP # 10 - Connect with Professional Association Leadership and Board Members

Individuals who serve in leadership of Professional Associations are well-networked and can often help promote your business and the services you offer if they are aware of your talents and experience.  Target these individuals as important connections and show how they can benefit by accepting your invitation to connect.

STEP #11 - Request Feedback and Comments and Respond to 100%

When posting on social media sites, welcome comments or feedback and then respond to 100% of these posts.   This helps establish rapport which can often lead to offline discussions. 

STEP #12 - Attend Live Twitter Chats and Participate

Twitter chats are conversations that occur on Twitter at a designated date and time about a certain topic. Every Twitter chat has a hashtag, which allows anyone on Twitter to follow the chat or even participate. To participate in a Twitter chat, you will need a Twitter account. Offer relevant information that will position you as an expert to others participating in the live chats.

STEP #13 - Record and Post a Video or Audio Interview with an Industry Leader

Once you have connected with industry leaders, request the opportunity to interview them for your audience.  The stronger your online presence, the more likely an industry leader will accept your invitation to be interviewed.   Individuals who follow that leader often then connect with you or your company, because of the exposure you received during the interview.

STEP #14 - Share your Personality and Sense of Humor

I was once recording a promotion for a conference where I was the keynote speaker.  In the middle of my video, my 55 lbs. dog jumped in my lap, and I just continued to record the promo.  I then sent the group the funny video with my dog and then a more serious conference promo.  They decided to use the one with my dog, because it made them laugh.  Their attendance almost instantly skyrocketed, and the video resulted in one of the highest reactions I’ve ever received on any of my social media sites.  People want to get to know you, and everyone enjoys and often needs a good laugh.  

STEP #15 - Publish Relevant Short Videos on YouTube

When creating courses for LinkedIn Learning, they convinced me that most learners preferred videos that were no longer than three minutes.  Record short videos on relevant topics and you will reach many of your connections who would much rather watch a video than read anything!  Videos must become a part of your social media strategy.

STEP #16 - Add Your Social Media Profile Links to Your Email Signature Line

Make it simple for anyone to connect with you on social media with a simple click.

When you implement any of these steps you will by sought out by the clients and candidates your company deserves to represent.  As a result, you will increase sales, profits and will help your company flourish. 

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