Allow Certification to Separate You from the Rest of the Profession

  By Dr. Frank Burtnett  |    Sunday August 4, 2014

Category: Certification, Education

Achievement of the NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), Certified Temporary Staffing-Specialist (CTS) or Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS) credential  represent the staffing professional’s commitment to professional and ethical standards and their willingness to learn the laws that govern the practice of recruiting, hiring and placement in the search and staffing industry. Earning any one, two or all of these credentials is an accomplishment worthy of being shared with clients and candidates alike, one that can have business enhancement implications.

NAPS encourages individuals who earn certification to share that fact with both candidates and clients and use the National Registry of Certified Staffing Industry Professional (NRCSIP) at to explain the meaning of certification and suggest it as a place where consumers of direct-hire and temporary staffing services can look for the credentialed professional. After all, it was your personal commitment to professional and ethical standards, as well as your study of the important laws governing your work, that caused you to be recognized by NAPS.

That distinction is one that NAPS takes very serious and has included language in the NAPS Standards of Ethical Practices and NAPS Certification Program Rules that guide such activity. Most important is the notion that certification is an individual achievement and not a firm or organizational designation. Jane Doe, CPC is certified. Doe & Associates, Inc. is not.

There are multiple  ways in which a NAPS certificant can call attention to her or his credential. Review the following checklist to make certain you are using all of the options available to you:


Use the CPC, CTS, or CERS designation following your name at every opportunity, including each piece of business correspondence and email you send and every work-related document you sign.

Display your NAPS certificate prominently. This professional achievement should hold a place of honor on your office wall in the place that is certain to draw the most attention.

List your certification on the profile you have posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Include references to your credential(s) in your print (brochures) and electronic (website) marketing materials and advertisements. If space permits, include the following statement: The Certified Personnel Consultant (or other NAPS certification) designation is a professional credential of the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). 

Include your certification achievements in your personal resume and biographical statement.

Register your credential with the National Registry of Certified Staffing Professionals (NRCSIP), a special website maintained by NAPS at This same site will allow you to track your continuing education achievement and make certification renewal much more efficient.

Include reference to your professional certification accomplishments in business proposals and presentations with clients and potential clients. Encourage business contacts to visit the NRCSIP to learn more about the meaning of certification and validate your certification.

Make certain the media knows they are dealing with a certified staffing professional when they contact you to get your view or position regarding a work or employment story in your community. The fact that you are certified will add to your “expert” credibility status with newspaper, radio or television reporters.

Have your response ready for a client or candidate who asks: “CTS….what’s that?” Simply state that you have earned your certification as a search and staffing industry professional from the National Association of Personnel Services, a professional organization with a half century commitment to standards and ethics in the staffing industry. 

Certification separates a distinct group of professionals from the many who are active in the industry, a distinction that needs to be recognized. When you promote your credential in a tempered, resolute and assertive manner, it can open doors that may have been previously closed or difficult to open. Once access is achieved, your knowledge, skill and competence as a search and staffing professional will take over. Promote your certification achievement!

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