EMInfo Talks with Author Frank Burtnett about the Just Released Second Edition of Career Errors

  By Dr. Frank Burtnett  |    Tuesday June 26, 2019

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Rowman & Littlefield is pleased to announce that the second edition of Career Errors: Straight Talk About the Steps and Missteps of Career Development has just been released. The popular guide for those seeking career satisfaction and success is the work of Dr. Frank Burtnett, author of the monthly Career Mechanic column, found on the pages of EMInfo. 


Since Career Errors has become trendy resource with recruiters and search and staffing firm owners/managers, our staff caught up with Frank in late June to learn more about the new edition.


EMInfo: What was your original purpose in writing Career Errors?


Burtnett: Over the course my personal career as a professional counselor and educator, I’ve observed that many people lack the knowledge and ability to address the host of challenges each is likely to face in their personal careers. As a result the achievement of complete career success and life-work balance, for many, has become more a dream than reality.  


My approach in writing Career Errors was to identify the 27 errors that people typically make---things they “do wrong” or “don’t do”---in their quest for career fulfillment. I address everything from choosing, preparing for and entering an occupation by young adults, to the growth and mobility concerns of mid adulthood to the winding down and exit experiences of seniors. 


Finally, with my various “straight talk” messages I sought to empower the reader to navigate the challenges from a proactive position that places them in full control of their career destiny.   


EMInfo: How can Career Errors assist recruiters in their work with candidates? 


Burtnett: Career Errors is a very “recruiter friendly” book and encourages the reader to seek the valuable assistance afforded them by those who do this work. Whether a candidate is looking for their first job or changing jobs for the fifth or tenth time, it will walk them step-by-step through the challenges they will face and offer strategies for facilitating their particular transition. Many recruiters have told me that they keep several copies on hand to share with those individuals that they feel may have made prior mistakes and can benefit from learning from them.


In addition, a number of search firm owners/managers are using Career Errors as a training tool in preparing their recruiters for the various roles they will play in the job identification and transition process. 


EMInfo: What new issues and topics are included in the second edition?


Burtnett: I was pleased to add a new section, “Voices that Matter,” in which I tapped the wisdom and experience of a number of professionals regarding the direction that each thought was essential to the achievement of career success and satisfaction. I specifically chose industry leaders like Barbara Bruno, Joe Madden and Diane Post for inclusion in those voices. In addition to updating many of the trends and research findings that I present throughout the book, I added a completely new chapter, “Inability to Adapt to Change.”


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