NAPS Conference and Certification Immersion Class Make a Dynamic Duo

  By Dr. Frank Burtnett  |    Thursday April 18, 2014

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The NAPS Conference, scheduled September 15-17, 2014 in Houston, Texas, represents the perfect opportunity for search and staffing professionals to participate in both an all-embracing, national professional conference and a Certification Immersion Class (CIC) that will aid in their leaving the Lone Star State with the letters--- CPC, CTS or both---behind their name. This is the once-a-year opportunity to participate in the NAPS Conference, itself an outstanding learning and networking event, while participating in a “prep” course that can lead to NAPS certification. 

NAPS certification is the professional credential bestowed on individuals to distinguish them from their peers and to identify search and staffing firms that promote professional and ethical standard by their support for certification achievement by their staff members. Participation in the national conference will “connect” you to the people, practices and programs that are making a difference in the search and staffing industry. Becoming certified will allow you to step up the professional ladder.

The CIC is not a substitute for intense, personal study. It will, however, take the participant through a review of the “critical knowledge points” contained in the respective certification manuals and answer all of the questions that personal work experiences and prior study may have generated. As a recent CIC student remarked: The Immersion Class helped me to go behind the words in the training manual and see the application of the various employment laws in my personal environment.”

The NAP CIC has been found to be a strong predictor of success on the certification examination as 97% of the nearly 1,300 participants since 2005 have passed the certification examination on their first attempt. The CIC exam pass rate is higher than the first-time success rate for persons taking the electronic exam.


Who will teach the CIC?

Frank Burtnett, veteran NAPS Certification and Education Consultant, will teach the Houston CIC on the opening day of the conference from 8:30 am-4pm. Frank is the author of the CPC and CTS examinations and has created the “critical knowledge points” as a focal point  for the identifying pertinent study content in the respective certification manuals. Interested professionals should register today, access and study the certification manuals over the spring and summer months, come to Texas for the “immersion” and go home certified. 


A Typical CIC Day

How does the CIC work? Beginning at 8:30 am, Frank will guide class members through a review and learning experience that focuses on the employment laws (Civil Right Act, Americans With Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act, etc.), along with a discussion of the situations where direct hire and temporary staffing professionals are likely to interface with those laws.  Mixed into the formal curriculum will be information about court decisions and EEOC pronouncements that have relevance to the work of the staffing professional. 

Every CIC places considerable emphasis on the “do’s and don’ts” associated with hiring, interviewing, advertising, contracts and related practices. During the last part of the CIC, direct hire and temporary staffing certification candidates are separated to examine some of the information that is germane only to their industry environment.

When the subject matter has been concluded and all questions have been answered, CIC participants are ready to take a paper and pencil version of the NAPS certification examination. This usually starts shortly after lunch and, depending on the speed with which one completes the examination, the experience wraps up sometime in mid-afternoon. Examinations are graded that evening and the names of new CPCs and CTSs are posted at the NAPS conference registration desk the following morning.

To register for any NAPS Certification Immersion Class, visit or contact Carolyn Boyer at or 706/531-0060.




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