Professional Pride: Strategies for Promoting Individual Certification

  By Dr. Frank Burtnett  |    Wednesday April 17, 2014

Category: Certification, Education

Professional certification is an achievement that should be celebrated. Individuals who have earned their Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), Certified Temporary Staffing-Specialist (CTS), Physician Recruiting Consultant (PRC) or Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS) credential from the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) should take assertive steps to make their earned professional identity known with the candidates and employers they serve on a regular basis and the public in general. 

Each time you see letters (i.e., CPA, RN, CLU, CFP, etc.) behind a name in a professional context; it tells you something about the individual attached to them. In the competitive environment within which you work, the fact that you hold professional certification may just be the factor that tilts the business scales in your favor. Consider one or all of the following seven strategies as ways in which certificate holders can promote their personal achievement specifically and the importance of certification generally:


Fix the letters of your credential (i.e., CTS, CPC, etc.) permanently after your name. It’s the easiest and most identifiable way you can tell the public and the profession they are dealing with a professional recruiter or temporary staffing specialist. Sure, people will ask want CPC or CERS means, but by answering them you are creating awareness and understanding---you’re contributing to their education.

Develop staff profiles for the “About Us” section of your firm’s print and electronic messages and reference the credential achievements of the staff members. A phrase like…. “Carolyn has earned the Certified Temporary Staffing-Specialist (CTS) credential of the National Association of Personnel Services” will enhance any profile you place in a brochure or on your web site.

Reference the achievement of your credential in any profiles that you create on Facebook, LinkedIn or the other social media networks. Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center reported that seven in ten (72%) of online adults are social networking site users. Your credential could add immeasurably to your cyber exposure.

Place your certifications on your business card and business brochures and pass them along to all of the candidates and employers that you encounter. Distribute these items at meetings to grow your networks and extend the shadow of your professional identity.

Register your credential in the NAPS National Registry of Certified Staffing Industry Professionals (NRCSIP) at The registry is a valuable tool for you to use to explain certification to public and professional consumers alike. 

Use your certifications after your name in the letters and emails you write and in the articles your write and distribute in the industry. The power of these three or four letters is immeasurable.

Be certain to reference certification when announcing appointments, promotions and movements in the business sections of your local newspaper. An added sentence like “Ms. Franklin holds the Certified Personnel Consultant certificate of the National Association of Personnel Services” will add immeasurably to the posting.

The more the public and newcomers to the staffing profession see CPC, CTS, PRC and CERS in these and other places, the greater will be the understanding of the importance of certification as a professional credential in the industry. Certification is a signal that you have gained a command of a particular body of knowledge important to your professional work and that you abide by the professional and ethical standards of the National Association of Personnel Services. 

Display pride in your professional achievement..

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