Candidate Rapport Not Candidate

  By Anonymous  |    Tuesday June 27, 2012

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It's no surprise to any of you that we are in a candidate-driven marketplace. More and more I'm receiving email messages asking me how to develop candidate control.

Therein lies the problem. I don't believe you can control another person. Think about what you have done when someone in your life attempted to control you.

You need to develop candidate rapport, based on trust! There are several important steps in this process.

  1. Send your paperwork to your candidate BEFORE you interview them, so you can clarify their answers and prepare for your interview.
  2. Don't interview with a specific SEARCH in mind. Your candidate will sense you are attempting to have their credentials fit your opportunity. Conduct a GENERAL interview so that you uncover what is most important to your candidate.
  3. Share your credentials and testimonials from other candidates to help establish a trust level between you and your candidates. Tell then you "TAKE YOUR DIRECTION FROM THEM" which empowers them knowing you will focus on what is most important to them.
  4. Let them know how your process works. Make sure they have realistic expectations.
  5. Ask them to call in updates on interview activity (so you can fine tune your search) or changes between 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. which is the time you SET ASIDE for their calls. This will greatly eliminate the incoming STATUS calls that are a waste of your time and theirs!
  6. When you speak with your candidates ask a questions, wait for their answer and then pre-close to ensure you understand what they have just told you. When you repeat your understanding of their directive to you... you now KNOW you are on the same page as your candidate.
  7. Ask your candidates to identify the five top companies they would want to work for and market their skills into those targeted companies. Ask them to help you with your presentation. This shows you are actively working for them.
  8. Re-interview your candidate throughout the entire placement process. Their answers get more honest as the trust level improves.
  9. Send your candidate on multiple interviews, or they WILL interview on their own.
  10. When they talk, write down what is said. Explain your goal is to be the best listener in their life!
  11. Always tell the truth. We change people's lives and you have a moral obligation to be honest with your candidates.

Practice these eleven tips and you will eliminate most SURPRISES that ruin deals!

Here's to your making more PLACEMENTS!


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