Going from Contingent to Retained with Jon Bartos - An Unique Learning Workshop

  By Jon Bartos  |    Tuesday June 6, 2018

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Going from Contingent to Retained.

More Searches than you can fill..

Wednesday...Oct. 24, 2018
12pm EST (11am CST 10am PT)

No matter if you are big biller or newbie – learning how to effectively market your services, build better client relationships and take great searches!

This industry block buster 3-4 hour workshop's main purpose is to help Recruiting Owners and Individual Billers develop their client relationships and move to retained fees upfront.    

Here’s a list of material, scripts and ebooks you will get:

Fully Retained Mutually Committed Agreement

Priority Search Agreement engaged and performance Guarantee

Effective Business Development and the 10 Scripts

Protected Job Order Matrix Worksheet

The Secrets to Hiring High Performing Teams

20-PT Initial Search Form

Traccs Questions

This is NOT a webinar – it’s a workshop where YOU walk away with everything including tools, techniques, Scripts and rebuttals to objections that you can execute the next day in your office.  

Join Jon Bartos Thursday...Oct. 24, 2018
12pm EST (11am CST 10am PT)


Jon’s Workshop was just super – perhaps the best ever! AB Christie


Jon’s workshop was a wake up call. He makes an incredibly strong argument for giving up contingency for retainer and leaves you armed to the teeth for overcoming the inevitable objections from clients. This was one of the most thorough and informative workshops I have attended. Great job, Jon! -Rob



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