A Recruiter is a New Grad’s Best Friend By Sarah Greene

  By Anonymous  |    Sunday July 9, 2018

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Congratulations Class of 2018, you did it! Now you’re ready to take on the world and find the job of your dreams. While some grads might start their careers the day after they graduate, more often than not new graduates come out of school overwhelmed and nervous about what to do next.  Job hunting is exhausting and stressful—that’s where a recruiter comes in. A staffing agency could be the missing number in your post-grad equation. Here are five reasons why a recruiter should be a new grad’s best friend.

Recruiters find jobs you wouldn’t.

The biggest advantage of working with a recruiter is their unparalleled arsenal of contacts. Recruiters know where to look and who to talk to. Often they know about jobs that haven’t even been advertised yet. Working with a recruiter can lead you to landing a perfect job you wouldn’t have found through your own research.

They have experience placing people in the perfect fit.

Recruiters know exactly what employers are looking for. They won’t waste the employer’s time, your time, or their own placing you in a position that isn’t perfect for you. Recruiters know how your skills will match up with any given job, and they’ll be able to gauge if you’ll fit into the culture of the company.

They can find you a perfect position you didn’t even know you wanted.

According to a career builder study, nearly 50% of college educated workers said their first job after college was not related to their major. While about 30% said they never found a job in their major. That’s not always a bad thing. College teaches you tons of transferable skills. A recruiter is trained to be a matchmaker. They know what skills and experience can translate into specific positions. It may take a little trust, but if you trust your recruiter’s recommendation you can end up at a really good company with a career you never know you would love.

Career undecided? Work short-term assignments!

If you’re like many students who don’t know what they want to do after graduation working short-term assignments in different fields and positions can help lead you to your dream job. Short-term work also comes with perks like more flexibility for traveling or volunteering.

They have your back.

Just like any best friend your recruiter will have your back.  Their job is to help you get hired. They are as invested as you are, and they will fight to get you hired! Having someone in your corner on the job hunt is invaluable. Their faith in you could be the deciding factor and could ultimately land you the job!

As a college graduate this is your time to be independent, but sometimes getting a little help doesn’t hurt. A recruiter will be your best friend, biggest cheerleader, and someone you can lean on as you start your journey to your dream job! Congratulations and Good luck!

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