Using Your Staffing Website to Drive New Sales

  By Victoria Kenward  |    Wednesday February 15, 2023

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When was the last time you looked at your website? Did you take a long, hard look at it? Often, we go through the expense and process of creating a website, we take it live and there it sits. We may post new jobs to it, we may market our most placeable candidates on it, but by and large, the site is static. Our businesses grow and change, our clients have new problems that we happily solve, but our website remains the same year after year.

It makes sense. Websites are expensive. The project is not core to our business and requires our input and time, and our schedules are already overbooked. We don’t have time or budget for another website project.


Your Website Should Pay for Itself

Like an excellent sales rep, your website should be able to create new sales opportunities, increase interest, build trust, and positively impact your business. Your website is the central hub of all of your marketing and sales activities. While your marketing efforts drive visitors to your site, your site is a vital step in turning that visitor into an active lead, prospect, client or candidate.

Your site needs to clearly show a visitor how your services can solve their problems, how you’ve solved similar problems for people like them, why they should trust you with their business, and ultimately, get them to take action (or in marketing terms, drive them to convert.)


HOMEWORK: Take a look at your site. If it was the first time you landed on this site, in the first 5 seconds, could you tell what problems you solve and for whom you solve those problems?


Another Marketing Term: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Optimizing a website for conversion means making intentional design and content changes to the site with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, such as filling out a form, interacting with a chatbot, or applying for a job. This is an important part of an overall CRO strategy because it can help to improve the effectiveness of your website in achieving its business goals.

There are many different factors that can affect the conversion rate of a website, such as the layout and design of the site, the clarity and persuasiveness of the content, the ease of use and navigation, and the presence of trust signals like testimonials and case studies. By analyzing the performance of your website and identifying areas for improvement, you can make changes that are intended to increase the conversion rate and drive more valuable actions from visitors.


HOMEWORK: Access your site analytics to determine what pages are getting the most traffic. Are visitors taking the desired action when they reach your site?

It’s Time for a New Staffing Site

Websites have changed over the years. If you haven’t invested in your website in the last 3-5 years, it’s probably time for another look. Your website should be working for you, not against you. Let us know if you’d like a complimentary (no obligation) website review or help with your overall marketing strategy.  We’d love to help you optimize your marketing investment.

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