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Vicki is Haley's queen of shareworthy service. She is 100% committed to making everything they do a WOW for our clients. She's also a tech wiz and process guru who is responsible for some of Haley's most innovative web applications, including HaleyMail, our Job Board software and Haley's Talent Showcase product. With her degree in Information Systems and leadership training from Xerox, Vicki's systematic approach to work and amazing attention to detail are a perfect compliment to the rest of Haley's teams more creative approach.


How Can You Use Customer Service to Fuel Your Staffing Firm’s Recovery?

  By Victoria Kenward  |    Wed Sep 30, 2020

Category: Expert Advice, Technology

Making more sales calls. Expanding service offerings. Exploring new niches. Lowering overhead. When you think of all the things your staffing firm can and should be doing to make it through this downturn, does “improving customer service” even break the top 10? It should! Here are 3 ways Shareworthy Service can make a...

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