What Is the NRCSIP & Why Is It Important to Me?

  By Dr. Frank Burtnett  |    Thursday December 7, 2012

Category: Certification, Education

If you’ve found your way to the NAPS National Registry of Certified Staffing Industry Professionals (NRCSIP) website recently, you will have seen some changes that make the site more valuable to the public (employers and candidates). Other upgrades to be put into effect at the beginning of 2013 will make the www.nrcsip.com site more useful to the direct hire recruiters and temporary staffing specialists whose professional credentials are posted there. NAPS created this registry several years ago to allow candidates and employers who work with staffing professionals to validate the professional credentials of the individuals with whom they were considering to a formal relationship.

The NRCSIP obviously cannot report competence or quality of performance levels, but it offers interested parties the opportunity to see the names of those women and men who have assumed a personal responsibility for learning the laws associated with the employment transitions they address regularly; and also agree to abide by the professional and ethical standards advanced by NAPS. By taking this step, each certificant has taken an important professional step that is very likely to be viewed positively by candidates and employers alike and pay considerable business dividends.

When an individual earns certification, his or her name and contact information is posted on the NRCSIP site and becomes accessible to employers and candidates. The site also references the expiration date of the individual’s certification. Individuals with a 2022 expiration date are those CPCs and CTSs who earned certification prior to 1995, and not required to engage in continuing education to keep their certification. Individuals certified after 1995 are required to participate annually in 17 hours or 1.7 continuing education units (CEUs) of education and training in order to maintain their certificate.

When certification expires---primarily due to one not completing their continuing education requirement---their name is removed. In addition, the NRCSIP site offers information about the meaning and role of certification, presents a series of documents outlining NAPS standards and policies and explains how an individual can study the employment laws, sit for the certification examination and earn the credential of their choice.

A registry feature currently being finalized will give the NRCSIP the added capacity of allowing Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary Staffing-Specialist (CTS) credential holder to input  their continuing education progress online in an electronic log as segments are completed. At renewal the annual compilation of contact hours or continuing education units (CEUs) and maintenance fee can be submitted electronically, thereby making the entire process paperless. This new feature will be available at www.nrcsip.com at the beginning of the new year. 

All CPCs and CTSs are encouraged to go to www.nrcsip.com and check out their certification expiration date. Should anyone question the status of their certification or why they may not be listed there, they should request assistance from Carolyn Boyer at the NAPS headquarters. She can be reached at info@recruitinglife.com or 706/531-0060.

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