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Brian Clapp is VP of Content & Engaged Learning at WorkInSports, the 57th community in iHire’s family of industry-focused talent brands. Clapp is also Host of the popular WorkInSports Podcast, where he discusses job search and career advice with sports industry experts and serves as Content Marketing Director for iHire. Visit https://go.ihire.com/85v9


Back in Action: 4 Recruiting Trends for the Sports Industry

  By Brian Clapp  |    Mon Sep 27, 2021

Category: Expert Advice

At long last, sports are back, as stadiums, ballparks, and arenas fill once again with screaming fans. The return of sports also means the return of hundreds of thousands of jobs lost during COVID-19 – facilities managers, media specialists, videographers, trainers, concession stand attendants, referees, gameday operations staff, and plenty...

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