How Small Staffing Companies Win

  By David Searns  |    Thu Feb 08, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity

When David beat Goliath, he didn’t do it by being stronger. Or faster. Or a better fighter. He won by being smarter. In the staffing industry, most companies are “Davids.” In the U.S. alone, there are more than 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies, but only 251 are over $100 million in revenue. That’s just...

Unpacking the Role of Hashtags on LinkedIn: Are They Still Essential?

  By Sam Prost  |    Wed Feb 07, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Technology, Trends

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has undergone significant changes in recent years, particularly in how it treats hashtags. The question on many users' minds is, do you still need to use hashtags on LinkedIn for effective post visibility? Evolution of Hashtags...

Why You Should Fire Yourself: The Secret to a Great Recruiting Website

  By Sam Prost  |    Wed Feb 07, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing, Technology, Trends

Your website is more than just a digital business card; it's your most powerful tool for attracting clients and candidates alike while establishing your agency as a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, despite its critical role, many recruiting professionals inadvertently hinder the success of their website. We're...


  By Barb Bruno  |    Tue Jan 30, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity, Recruiting

High achievers in sales create, implement, and repeat a successful sales process. In the staffing and recruiting profession there is a placement process that all but guarantees success. To become and remain successful and profitable in the staffing and recruiting profession, it is important to implement consistency and repetition.

Adapting to Thrive: 5 Key Strategies for Staffing Agencies in 2024

  By Lynn Connor  |    Tue Jan 30, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity, Recruiting

How is the staffing industry fairing as we move into 2024? The answer is complex and nuanced. While there are certainly positive indicators, there’s always potential challenges to consider. Par for the course in the staffing industry, actually. What factors have a large effect on staffing agencies? For starters,...

Implementing AI at Your Staffing Agency in 2024

  By Jennifer Roeslmeier  |    Tue Jan 30, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity, Technology

AI. One of the most buzzed words in 2023. You saw it in articles, on the news, in webinars, in sessions, and at conferences. Almost daily you heard about AI and the importance of using it. Now we are in 2024 and AI isn’t going away. The buzz of those...

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