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Fran Goldstein CPC CSP is an international national keynote speaker, consultant, and trainer who began her 25 year business and sales career as a recruiter, placing temporary and permanent office support personnel. She was promoted to Manager within her first 18 months in the industry and continued to grow a blended staffing division for a premiere Boston agency, more than 78% growth in two years. In 1993 Fran established Gold Staff Consultants, a leading boutique firm, specializing in Administrative Placement in the Greater Boston area, and in 2004 launched the speaking, training and consulting division. Gold Staff Consultants’ unique success stems from Fran’s passion for inspiring her staff while increasing ROI. Fran volunteers professionally for the Board of Directors of NSA New England, has served as Director and Ambassador at Large for NAPS, Past President of MAPS (Massachusetts Association of Personnel Services),and Past Vice President of MSA (Massachusetts Staffing Association).


Business Development... The New DNA!

  By Fran Goldstein  |    Mon Feb 18, 2013

Category: Motivational, Productivity, Recruiting

Business Development has a new DNA. It has changed, just as our business has changed as a result of technology, time constraints, and a new approach to doing business overall. The new DNA is for lack of a better term, a better DNA. Sales and marketing has become easier than...

Moving From Order Taker to Closer

  By Fran Goldstein  |    Tue Jun 26, 2012

Category: Recruiting

How well do you close business? How would you describe your closing technique? How much could you increase your ROI if your closing ratio were to increase by 5 or 10%? Can you factor that? Ok, so the market is tough. You’re getting beaten up, worn out and lowering your performance...

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