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Heather is an experienced professional with exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Her stellar project management abilities enable her to exceed the needs and expectations of clients and coworkers. She adds value with her organizational talents that are second to none, and which allow her to accomplish more in less time. Additionally, she is a proud mom, a runner, and wishes she had more moments to fill in her sketchpad.

Website: https://www.haleymarketing.com


Want to Drive Staffing Sales? Change How You Write!

  By Heather Perrotta   |    Thu May 11, 2023

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing

Write With Employers and Job Seekers in Mind One way to drive sales more effectively is to write from the viewpoint of your readers – whether it’s your website, blog posts, collateral, etc. Business owners, hiring managers, HR professionals, job seekers, and other members of your target audiences aren't necessarily interested...

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