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About Brad Smith, Director of SEO & Social Media What do you get when you combine a Masters in Education, Bachelors in Psychology and Communication with experience in marketing, advertising and PR? The staffing industry’s leading SEO and social media expert, of course! From his origins as a Marketing Advisor to his current role as Director of SEO & Social Media, Brad’s main focus has been working with clients to develop and implement strategic marketing plans. As our resident digital marketing guru, Brad’s job is to make sure that your online presence attracts the attention it deserves (and steals traffic from your competition!).


The 3 Most Important SEO Factors for Staffing and Recruiting Firms By Brad Smith

  By Brad Smith  |    Tue Jan 15, 2019

Category: Expert Advice, Technology

What are the most important SEO factors for staffing and recruiting firms? We get this question a lot and if you ask any search engine optimization expert, they will share the first two keys I’ve listed below. But for staffing and recruiting companies, number three is critically important as well....

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