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Steve Finkel has been described by The Fordyce Letter as "universally regarded as leading author, speaker and trainer.” He has conducted hundreds of in-house training programs for the best recruiting firms on five continents and has addressed virtually every national and state association, network and franchise worldwide. His books and other products for our industry are now distributed in 35 countries, and his newest book Breakthrough! 2.0 is specifically designed to increase the production of highly tenured successful recruiters. It is available in hard copy or digital download at his website, stevefinkel.com.


Breakthrough! 2.0 ~ a poem

  By Steve Finkel  |    Mon Aug 28, 2023

Category: Recruiting

A little humor to lighten your recruiting day…. A Recruiter Born to Win! working a desk…. “Truth shines the brighter clad in verse.” —John Keats This poem was written in response to one published in a past Fordyce Letter, in which the client...

Intro to Breakthrough! 2.0 Exploding the Production of Experienced Recruiters

  By Steve Finkel  |    Tue Jul 11, 2023

Category: Education, Expert Advice, Productivity, Recruiting

To keep learning is key if you are going to be continually successful in the recruiting business. Industry leading author, speaker and trainer, Steve Finkel has been providing content and training to help experienced recruiters to be top performers for decades. Accordingly, when Steve produces a brand-new book, it is certainly...

Capitalizing on the “Difficult to Fill” Position

  By Steve Finkel  |    Wed Jun 28, 2023

Category: Expert Advice, Recruiting

“They worked hard at everything they did, and were never satisfied with a so-so performance. They prepared themselves for the opportunities that life offers all of us. And when something came along that looked right, they were ready.” —Elmer Leterman How Showmanship Sells Chapter 10 excerpt... Throughout your career, when obtaining search assignments from...

Introduction to Steve Finkel's new book: "Breakthrough! 2.0 Exploding the Production of Experienced Recruiters"

  By Steve Finkel  |    Thu May 18, 2023

Category: Expert Advice, Recruiting

Introduction This book has a single purpose: to enable you, the experiencedrecruiter, to rapidly and substantially increase your production! How can this be achieved by a professional with years in our business? The reality is that almost all experienced recruiters follow a specific pattern in their learning curve. In...

Better Hiring Decisions: The Power of Executive Recruiting By Ann Zaslow-Rethaber & Steve Finkel

  By Steve Finkel  |    Mon Feb 11, 2019

Category: Expert Advice, Recruiting, Trends

Executives depend on the quality of their people to achieve their corporate and personal career goals. It is an old adage – and a true one – that the best jockey cannot win races if he only rides slow horses. A better understanding of the skills and abilities of executive...

Practical Time Management for Recruiters

  By Steve Finkel  |    Mon Oct 15, 2018

Category: Expert Advice

What does it take to increase your production in today’s market? Certainly skill improvement and changes in methodology, the manner in which you work a desk, are primary. However, improved technique and methodology will not be maximized if enhanced focus and time management are not addressed as well....

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