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Steve Finkel has been described by The Fordyce Letter as "universally regarded as leading author, speaker and trainer.” He has conducted hundreds of in-house training programs for the best recruiting firms on five continents and has addressed virtually every national and state association, network and franchise worldwide. His books and other products for our industry are now distributed in 35 countries, and his newest book Breakthrough! 2.0 is specifically designed to increase the production of highly tenured successful recruiters. It is available in hard copy or digital download at his website, stevefinkel.com.


Time Management and Planning for Recruiters

  By Steve Finkel  |    Wed Jun 27, 2012

Category: Recruiting

“If one cannot increase the supply of a resource, one must increase its yield.” —Peter Drucker What is Time Management? Well, let’s talk about what it is not. Time management is not reducing the time of your individual business calls. To the contrary, most people’s calls are entirely...

Acquiring Management Skills Part 1

  By Steve Finkel  |    Wed Jun 20, 2012

Category: Columns

The Problem It’s one of the most common stories in sales. A sales rep starts with a company. He studies, learns, plans, practices, perseveres. After some years, be becomes an excellent producer. As a result of his achievements, he is made a manager. And soon nothing goes right. Time spent to...

Manager's Corner! Acquiring Management Skills Part 2

  By Steve Finkel  |    Fri Apr 01, 2011

Category: Expert Advice

In Part 1 of this article, we addressed the fact that many fine recruiters have extreme difficulty making the transition from “salesman to manager” when they decide to take on those different responsibilities. The reason for this is that they forget the many long years of concentration, study and practice...

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