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Erin graduated from Buffalo State College with a BS in Biology. She started her career in marketing in 2008 after submitting her resume to a small agency at a job fair on a whim just to try something new. That something new turned into a career path driven by a passion for results and problem solving. (Erin fell in love with PPC!) Erin is currently Digital Marketing Associate at Haley Marketing


Interesting Places to Reach Candidates Using Pay-Per-Click

  By Erin Helms  |    Tue Dec 14, 2021

Category: Productivity, Recruiting, Technology

Using Google search PPC campaigns for recruiting? Congratulations – you’ve made a great choice! Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a powerful tool to reach candidates with your digital messaging. But could you be doing more to maximize your reach - and your conversions? There are dozens of ways you can reach candidates...

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