Train Your ATS To Become Your Assistant (...they work for free and never get tired!)

  By Anonymous  |    Thu Jun 21, 2012

Category: Automation, Recruiting

Circle the wagons, quickly! We are all about to die, let alone go out of business! Well, to continue the pun, let’s all just hold our horses. I have been through a number of recessions since I started in this business in 1977. While this is tougher than most, my...

Seizing the Opportunity of Change

  By Mark Demaree  |    Thu Jun 21, 2012

Category: Automation

As a general rule, people are resistant to change, some more than others. Many argue that such reluctance is rooted in biology, that humans have a predisposition and built-in desire to maintain the status quo (even when the status quo may not be the best thing for them). The advent...

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