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Cash Flow - The Life Blood of Every Business

  By Anonymous  |    Wed Jun 27, 2012

Category: Funding

The purpose of this article is to familiarize business owners with a kind of financing that is unfamiliar to many people, Factoring. I will explain, in a simple yet comprehensive way, how to improve your company’s cash flow. You may then decide if using the Factoring approach is a sound...

WebCam Video Interviews...The Next Generation of Interviewing

  By Anonymous  |    Wed Jun 27, 2012

Category: Technology

In the January 2008 Issue of EMPLOYMENT MARKETPLACE, Frank Risalvato's article, "SAY WHAT? You mean you never met that candidate?" discussed the dilemma of not having met the candidates before placing them, but with new webcam technology this could be a thing of the past. Companies such as Hirevue, Interview...

Leadership Traits of Successful CEOs by David Knutson

  By Anonymous  |    Tue Jun 26, 2012

Category: Expert Advice

During my executive search career, I have had the pleasure of interacting with many CEOs and senior executives. Certainly different personalities and management styles can make or break an organization. Some executives have been focused, dedicated and committed to the success of their companies. Some have been outspoken, egotistical and...

2010 -Half the Fee, All the Loyalty

  By Anonymous  |    Thu Jun 21, 2012

Category: Recruiting

Let’s be honest about something. Hiring officials don’t really care if you receive a full fee for placing a candidate at their company. In fact, they don’t care if you receive a fee at all (and I’m willing to bet they might have expressed that on one occasion or another)....

14 Candidate Questions

  By Anonymous  |    Thu Jun 21, 2012

Category: Recruiting

How many times has your heart been broken by a candidate that looked good at first and then fizzled as the interview process got rolling? This article provides a template for you or your staff to examine and review when evaluating people. It’s a tool for reducing the amount...

The Most Important Thing

  By Anonymous  |    Thu Jun 21, 2012

Category: Recruiting

It’s no secret that recruiting is a tough profession. It’s tough to get started in, it’s tough to be successful in, and it’s tough to stay successful in. Thousands of recruiters go out of business each and every year for one reason or another, and the industry plays no...

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