Since your fee schedule wasn't signed by us, we don't owe you anything.

  By Jeffrey G. Allen  |    Thu Dec 27, 2012

Category: Expert Advice, Legal

Ve-r-r-ry fast, if you know the law! It's truly amazing how many employer lawyers attempt to use the ancient statute of frauds to shoehorn a contingency-fee arrangement into a contract that must be in writing and signed by the party to be charged (the client). The common law (original judge-made law) evolved...

Hurricane Sandy Whips up Wage and Hour Issues for Employers

  By Anonymous  |    Tue Nov 20, 2012

Category: Legal

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and its devastating effects on workers and the business community, many employers are left wondering about their employee payroll obligations when natural disasters cause workplace disruptions or closures. Below is a brief overview of certain key wage and hour issues that employers should consider...

National Labor Relations Board - Challenging At-Will Employment

  By Diane J. Geller  |    Mon Nov 05, 2012

Category: Expert Advice, Legal

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which is the federal administrative agency that is tasked with the enforcement of the National Labor Relations Act continues to send clear signals to employers that they are aggressively pursuing the protection of employees’ rights to engage in protected concerted activity. The NLRA applies...

Clearing the Fee

  By Jeffrey G. Allen  |    Mon Nov 05, 2012

Category: Expert Advice, Legal

What Client Says: You didn't clear the fee with us before you told us the candidate's name. How Client Pays: Your greatest leverage exists at one point, and one point only. It's just after you present –and just before you identify – a candidate the client thinks she wants to hire. Note there are...

Top Five Ways to Stay Out of Court

  By John M. Polson  |    Wed Jun 27, 2012

Category: Expert Advice, Legal

We live in the most litigious (i.e., lawsuit happy) place on the planet. Employment litigation is rampant. While employment lawsuits in Federal court may be declining in some regions, state litigation is exploding. And that explosion will become more dramatic as states aggressively add new employment laws on volatile topics...

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