Land Qualified Referrals in 3 Simple Steps

  By Michael Gionta  |    Wed Apr 26, 2023

Category: Columns, Expert Advice

The advent of internet research has made recruiters lazy in asking for referrals. When I was on a desk, back in the old days, we did not have access to a human being that could put together the personal email address, cell phone number, name, and title of clients and...

International Contractors … Are They Right For Me?

  By Judy Collins  |    Wed Apr 26, 2023

Category: Columns, Expert Advice

The US workforce is rapidly becoming globalized. Baby Boomers are mostly washed out of the force with a few stalwarts gamely carrying on out of necessity or perhaps boredom. The younger crew has embraced remote work with a vengeance and in-office work has been considerably reduced. Indeed, the talent pool...

Do You Know What Your Clients Want?

  By Michael Neidle  |    Wed Apr 26, 2023

Category: Columns, Expert Advice

Do you know what your clients, prospects, staff, investors, and constituencies want, (defined here as stakeholders) in order to retain them, or winning them over by placing their trust in you? They may say what they want but may actually want something different. Stakeholders may be subjected to “group-think”...

Beliefs Create But Beliefs Can Also Destroy

  By Barb Bruno  |    Sun Mar 26, 2023

Category: Columns, Expert Advice, Productivity

As an entrepreneur, everything in your personal and professional life is controlled by your beliefs. If you believe life is a battle, it will affect every phase of your life. If you believe you are unable to initiate changes needed in your company, it will affect the growth,...

What Non-Verbal Messages Are You Sending To Your Team?

  By Barb Bruno  |    Mon Feb 27, 2023

Category: Columns, Motivational, Productivity, Recruiting

Your team should never have to figure out what “version” of you is going to show up each day. Your team will take their direction from you, even when you are not talking. Whether you like it or not, your persona sets the tone of your business and team....

Working With (Not Against) Others

  By Michael Neidle  |    Mon Feb 27, 2023

Category: Columns, Expert Advice, Productivity, Recruiting

Working on one’s own is easy if you are a hermit and living off the land. Having said this, it is interesting to see how many folks operate as if they are independent of others and don’t cooperate even when it’s their best interest, although this is the basis of...

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