Put Your Business-Related Content Where it Needs to Be

  By Cole Windler  |    Tue Mar 28, 2023

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing, Productivity

Where do you consume your business-related content? Maybe more importantly, where do your potential clients consume theirs? We live on the edge of the digital information singularity, where our ability to consume all forms of media is only outstripped by our ability to produce so much content that we could never...

Royalty Free Image Benefits

  By Thomas Allen  |    Mon Feb 27, 2023

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing

Using royalty-free images can greatly benefit your website or project. These images are free to use, modify and distribute without the need to pay royalties or licensing fees. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you need to use a large number of images for your project. However,...

ChatGPT isn't a marketing team

  By Ryan Berger  |    Mon Feb 27, 2023

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing

Driven by the rise of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has been the talk of the recruiting world and beyond for the past few weeks—seriously, #ChatGPT has nearly 54,000 followers on LinkedIn. It’s understandable, too. With its ability to craft content with great efficiency, AI can be an amazing tool...

Using Your Staffing Website to Drive New Sales

  By Victoria Kenward  |    Wed Feb 15, 2023

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing, Technology

When was the last time you looked at your website? Did you take a long, hard look at it? Often, we go through the expense and process of creating a website, we take it live and there it sits. We may post new jobs to it, we may market our most...

Data Will Help Your Employment Brand Content: Here’s How

  By Matt Lozar  |    Thu Nov 10, 2022

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing

Three-quarters of all candidates consider an employer’s brand before they decide whether or not to apply for a job. So, as with any other key business initiative, you need to know what successful branding looks like at your company. Branding involves capturing seemingly intangible qualities that make your business a great...

Next-Level Ideas to Drive Your Employment Brand

  By Mandy Wittschen  |    Thu Oct 27, 2022

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing

If you’re in staffing, you understand that experienced job seekers can and will be selective. They want to work with an agency that’s trustworthy. Competent. Easy to work with. And whose recruiters actually care about their success. What’s more, potential applicants do their homework online to find out what they...

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