Are You Conducting Stay Interviews?

  By Barb Bruno  |    Thu Apr 18, 2024

Category: Columns, Expert Advice, Recruiting

Retaining your top producers and high achievers is becoming more challenging. So how do you make sure your team members are happy? One great way is to have someone conduct stay interviews. This is extremely important for Millennials and Gen Z who want to be heard.

How You Can STILL Make Money When Deals Fall Apart

  By Scott Love  |    Mon Mar 11, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity, Recruiting

Opportunities abound in your setbacks. Did you know that you can still make money when your deals fall apart? I learned this many years ago when the recruiters in my office went through a series of one counteroffer after another. Instead of getting upset with those darn...

Strategic Business Development: Prioritizing Impactful Presentations

  By Michael Gionta  |    Thu Feb 29, 2024

Category: Columns, Expert Advice, Recruiting

QUESTION: When you are marketing and leaving a lot of messages, how do you get three hours of phone time? Also, what are a good number of presentations to make a day? Okay. I do not care about phone time. I have not, for 20-something years. Full disclosure. I have not...


  By Barb Bruno  |    Tue Jan 30, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity, Recruiting

High achievers in sales create, implement, and repeat a successful sales process. In the staffing and recruiting profession there is a placement process that all but guarantees success. To become and remain successful and profitable in the staffing and recruiting profession, it is important to implement consistency and repetition.

Adapting to Thrive: 5 Key Strategies for Staffing Agencies in 2024

  By Lynn Connor  |    Tue Jan 30, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity, Recruiting

How is the staffing industry fairing as we move into 2024? The answer is complex and nuanced. While there are certainly positive indicators, there’s always potential challenges to consider. Par for the course in the staffing industry, actually. What factors have a large effect on staffing agencies? For starters,...

How to Motivate Recruiters to Hit Company Revenue Goals

  By Michael Gionta  |    Tue Jan 30, 2024

Category: Columns, Productivity, Recruiting

How much do you share with employees regarding sales numbers? Specific to the overall revenue target or just the number of placements tracked by first-time interviews, marketing presentations, and recruiting presentations? Most curious people will be good at basic math, but as an owner, I've held revenue targets tightly. Thoughts?...

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