Data Will Help Your Employment Brand Content: Here’s How

  By Matt Lozar  |    Thu Nov 10, 2022

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing

Three-quarters of all candidates consider an employer’s brand before they decide whether or not to apply for a job. So, as with any other key business initiative, you need to know what successful branding looks like at your company. Branding involves capturing seemingly intangible qualities that make your business a great...

How to Choose Staffing Software After a Merger or Acquisition

  By Terri Roeslmeier  |    Thu Oct 27, 2022

Category: Expert Advice, Technology

Remember getting “brand new shoes” when you were a kid but you couldn’t wear them until your parent gave you the green light? Sometimes you had to wait until school started and other times they were bought for that “special occasion” that took forever to come. The excitement would build...

What job applicants actually think and do (statistically proven.)

  By Lynn Connor  |    Thu Oct 27, 2022

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity, Technology

Making a good first impression is crucial if you don’t want to lose qualified applicants who are going through your hiring process. It’s a two-way street. You aren’t just interviewing someone to work for you; they are looking at everything about your company as well, starting with your online presence....

AICPA Encouraged by IRS Warning of ERC Mills and Authorization of Anonymous Reporting Process for Firms, Individuals

  By news release  |    Thu Oct 27, 2022

Category: News Releases

Following an announcement from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) acknowledging concerns over third-party vendors promoting improper Employee Retention Credit (ERC) claims, the American Institute of CPAs applauded the announcement and new reporting process as a positive step by the IRS. The form - Form 3949-A, Information Referral – will provide...

Is Quiet Quitting a Myth or Reality?

  By Frank Burtnett  |    Thu Oct 27, 2022

Category: Columns, Expert Advice, Trends

EMInfo Reader: I’ve heard the expression “quiet quitting” several times recently. What exactly does it mean and is it a myth or reality? Dr. Burtnett: Originally, “quiet quitting” was coined to define the “work to the rule” concept where the employee stayed strictly within the minimum role and responsibilities...

Career Challenges by Frank Burtnett Released

  By Frank Burtnett  |    Thu Oct 27, 2022

Category: Education, Expert Advice

Rowman & Littlefield has announced the release of Career Challenges: Straight Talk about Achieving Success in a Technology Driven-Driven, Post-COVID World of work by Frank Burtnett, long-time contributor to the Career Mechanic feature in EMInfo. The book is actually the third edition of Career Errors, a popular resource of...

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